– platform for promoting cultural actors of the Republic of Moldova


MoldArte  aims to raise awareness of the common interests of independent and institutional stakeholders in Moldova and abroad, with a view of a more democratic and inclusive understanding of public culture.


is a project idea born from the need to consolidate and offer visibility to the cultural independent sector in the Republic of Moldova.

professional talks and visits

discussions and professional meetings with experts on strategic, social and cultural topics

knowledge transfer

courses and trainings, podcasts with artists and cultural managers from different cultural sectors

info hub

creative sector maps and aggregations, resources and opportunities

MoldArte, resource bank for:

*videos and podcasts,

*knowledge transfer & networking

*culture resources,

*calendar of events,

*review & analysis



public talks

experts on-site visits


analysis & synthesis materials

mapped cultural operators and artists

Mapping the cultural sector

Various cultural resources will be mapped and centralised: spaces, people, virtual platforms, cultural initiatives, cultural infrastructure, funding resources & more.


Database of cultural operators

Organisations from Republica Moldova which produce and implement cultural projects are invited and very welcomed to be hosted on a map within Partners search will be easear with a clean data base at hand.


Artists database

Artists from Republica Moldova are invited to submit their portfolio to be hosted on MoldArte platform, in order for potential cultural operators and scouting curators to be able to reach them easily.

curated resources

Cultural resources

Information on funding, residencies, mobility schemes, partnership opportunities, but also on curated materials and media would add value to the platform and knowledge to the reader.

Be part of MoldArte network


knowledge transfer


financing oportunities


experts input


Romanian Cultural Institute, Embassy of Austria in Chisinau, Goethe Institute, Moldova Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova

Financial support

EUNIC Global - EU National Institutes for Culture, within “European Spaces of Culture”

Media partners

TVR Moldova, TVR Iași, Radio România Cultural, Radio Chișinău, Revista Timpul, Revista Arta,, The Institute,

Strategic local partners & supporters

Ministerul Culturii

Guvernul Republicii Moldova

MoldArte team

Mirela Gheorghiu, project manager
Mirela Spătaru, artistic manager
Simona Valentina Degeratu, partners manager
Claudian Șiman, platform manager
Oana Nasui, facilitator
Tiana Alexe, communication manager

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