We have produced podcasts, trying to get inside views from the creative sectors in Republica Moldova. We have invited pairs of artists and cultural workers, one for prestige and resilience and the other for first achievements and future big plans.

The MoldArte Podcast series was recorded in the studio offered by Radio Chisinau.
Moderator: Tania Insurățelu; Sound engineer Corneliu Bucătaru; DOP Vadim Septichin; Translation by Ozana Oancea


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The invited cultural experts are Luminița Țîcu – actress and director, and Mihai Fusu -actor and theater director.


The literature podcast guests are Dumitru Crudu – poet and playwright and Augustina Vișan – psychology student and poet.


Our guests are Dumitru Grosei – director, screenwriter and producer from the Republic of Moldova, and Arcadia Plăcintă – producer from the Republic of Moldova, with studies in Art History. 

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The episode is dedicated to the art of theatre and has as guests two well-known personalities: Luminița Țîcu, director with an important activity in the independent area, and Mihai Fusu, actor, playwright, director and teacher, laureate of numerous national awards. Together they initiated the genre of documentary theater in Moldova and founded the Coliseum Center and the theater laboratory Foosbook.


The episode is dedicated to literature and has as guests Augustina Visan, the author of the volume “Fă ceva tata” for which she received the “Revelation of the Year” award offered by Irina Nechit and Dumitru Crudu, playwright, poet, prose writer, one of the best known and awarded writers from Moldova. They talk about the challenges that a young author has, but they also talked about Dumitru Crudu’s adventurous beginnings in writing. It was discussed about the present, but also about what should be done so that writers from the Republic of Moldova become better known, more read, more translated into other languages.

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