Adriana Moca is an actress and cultural manager, co-founder of the Cultural Association “Vis-à-Vis”, which she has been leading since 2014. After studying acting and theatre in Bucharest and Paris, after acting in directing big names of the Romanian scene, like Silviu Purcărete, Dan Micu and Cătălina Buzoianu, Adriana Moca observed that children and adolescents need and long to be encouraged in discovering literature, to be guided towards the act of reading. Therefore, she initiated campaigns to promote reading in educational institutions from all over Romania and also reaching out to the  Republic of Moldova; she presented, herself or inviting other actors in the project,  performative public readings within the National Theatre Festival or in educational programs run by cultural institutions – Bucharest Municipality Museum, Metropolitan Library, ARCUB, “Calea Victoriei” Foundation and others. In parallel, she created and managed her own cultural projects, two of the most recent, “Lectoriada” and “Clara lectio”, being nominated at the AFCN (Administration of the National Cultural Fund) Awards. Within the project “Școala de lectură Lege et Impera”, Adriana Moca devised online reading workshops, moderated meetings with invited writers and translators and invited teenagers to participate to (video recorded) reading contests prepared in special mentoring sessions.

Photo: micafotografa