Alex Calancea is a producer, composer and bass guitarist from the Republic of Moldova. After graduating from the Conservatory in Chisinau, he toured Europe, Asia and Russia as a bassist with a jazz fusion project; he continues with a pop rock project and has important collaborations with prestigious producers in Los Angeles, including Jack Jaseph Puig. Returning from the USA to the Republic of Moldova, he creates his own band that will bear his name and will become a reference project of quality music from across the Prut. He pays tribute to the great artists of the Golden Age with the concerts “Memories of Love”, “Alex Calancea and Friends” and produces the documentary film “Joy of Luck at the Horizon of Plai”. After this stage, he is inspired by the authentic folklore of the Republic of Moldova, following numerous successful collaborations with the Orchestra of the Lautarii, the Orchestra of the Advahov Brothers, as well as the Romanian Symphony Orchestras.

He released his first album of his own creation in 2016, focusing on his bass guitar instrument, called “Capricious Bass”. The album is inspired by the places where he grew up, the songs are funk, folk, classical and jazz influenced. At the same time he creates the pop-rock project “RUPT”, becoming also the producer of several Basarabian artists. At the end of 2017, his latest project “Alex Calancea and the Wolves” is born, a project that brings to the fore motifs, ballads and stories of the Haiducian, on contemporary rhythms fused with folklore.