YOUBESC is one of the leading production and entertainment company founded in 2011 by the content producers – Alla Donțu & Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr. The company is operating two offices in Chisinau (including the only Moldova studio for mixing sound in Surround 5.1) and one office in Bucharest, Romania.

YOUBESC’s mission is to produce high quality audio-visual content and to provide a wide range of services for cinema, TV, commercials and games. The company is focused on international collaborations as well as supporting young emerging talent.

YOUBESC’s produced(&co) films were well received by the public and international forums (+30 awards), including at A-category festivals. Thousands of dubbed minutes, audio commercials, hundreds of songs, dozens of films, TV programs, festivals, theatre, live performances, creative events, gala awards and many other experiences, made YOUBESC an important player in Moldovan media industry.

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