Aliona Turcan is a lawyer by training, a specialist in non-profit law, with over 20 years of experience in the field. She is familiar with legislative drafting in the Ministry of Justice, author and co-author of many normative acts in the non-profit field, including the Law on Political Parties, the Regulation on Financing of Political Party Activity, the Regulation on the Percentage Designation Mechanism, the draft Law on Non-Commercial Organizations and the Law on Local Action Groups, amendments to the Law on Local Public Administration, the Law on Subsidy Principles in Agriculture and Rural Development.

Developed skills in policy development by training and empowering all community actors (LPAs, community leaders, CSOs, state institutions) in organizational development, development of local development strategies and policies and coordination of advocacy. They have extensive experience in delivering training and consultancy programmes for different categories of staff (top managers, middle managers, staff), assessing the level of development of CSOs based on internationally recognised tools, developing development strategies and action plans for CSOs, networks and public authorities, evaluating projects and programmes, developing CSO studies and research, drafting internal operating documents in accordance with the legal framework, developing the capacities of local CSOs, including LILGs and LAGs, through results-based management, conducting training on the subject and ensuring policy implementation.