The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) will continue the Small Grant Program for short-term projects untill 2024 providing funding, based on a competition, to small action and culture projects. 

Are considered eligible: 

Small actions that contribute towards fostering peace and security, promote democracy and human rights, as well as those addressing issues related to social inclusion, gender equality and good governance in the main areas of Switzerland’s support for Moldova — Health, Local Governance, and Economic Development & Employment. 

Culture projects that contribute towards building trust and social cohesion, a free and open society, and towards the development of the culture sector; initiatives that support partnerships  between public, private and civic organizations, and strengthen civil society. 

The applicant shall be a legal entity registered in the Republic of Moldova such as:

  • Non-governmental organizations 
  • Professional associations and unions 
  • Local offices of international organizations 
  • Central and local governmental institutions 
  • Public institutions, including educational 
  • Media organizations 
  • Commercial entities with non-profit projects. 

There are no deadlines for applications. They are received and examined on an ongoing, ‘first come first served’ basis untill the end of the program.

Details HERE