In recent years, digital technologies have been successfully applied in the field of cultural education – from live or recorded presentations and conferences to children’s activities and other related activities (such as concerts, public readings, etc.).
An interesting form of online intervention with potential for further development is hybrid activity, either conducted in the physical space and streamed online, or recorded and streamed afterwards. The advantage of this type of activity is the large number of beneficiaries who can participate in such presentations, and the fact that, if recorded, the activity remains available for further consultation.

An example is the reading promotion project Lege et Impera Reading School, of the Vis-à-Vis Cultural Association, carried out in partnership with several organisations, with financial support from the National Cultural Fund Administration. It was addressed to a large number of students from 8 educational and cultural institutions: Gheorghe Munteanu Murgoci National High School (Brăila), St. Basil the Great Greek-Catholic Theological High School (Blaj), Regina Maria Pedagogical High School (Deva), Cuza Voda National High School (Huși), Constantin Brancusi Technical High School (Petrila), Chirpăr Secondary School (Sibiu), Genesis High School (Bucharest), Dimitrie Cantemir Metropolitan Library (Bucharest). The project involved the organisation of online sessions of performative reading, online meetings with translators and writers, as well as mentoring sessions for a reading aloud competition. Details here:

Moreover, the online environment allows for educational content material to be made available to interested people: we can have worksheets for children, video tutorials, educational packs for teachers and even publications for cultural operators involved in education.

An approach of this type was represented by the Animated Museum, a project for the valorisation of material cultural heritage in the digital environment initiated by the Museum of Bucharest, which received financial support from the Administration of the National Cultural Fund in 2021 for the development of online comic workshops. Thus, on the YouTube channel created in the framework of the project several videos are available through which Mihai Ionuț Grăjdeanu, author of comic strips and graphic novels, illustrates objects from the heritage of the Museum of the Municipality of Bucharest, the Museum of Viticulture and Pomiculture Golești and the Oltenia Craiova Museum that tell their story. Thus, children can learn the basics of creating a comic strip, inspired by valuable objects:

Last but not least, we recommend you to visit the platform Support culture in education, coordinated by the MetruCub Association – resources for culture, which presents analyses, reports, guides, summaries of meetings between various specialists working in the field of cultural education. One such material is the publication Culture in schools. Guide for artists and cultural operators: