Monday, September 26, 2022, between 10:00 and 14:00, at ARTCOR (Chișinău) and will be held by trainer Vladimir Bulat.

The focus of this workshop will be based on the own aspirations, expectations and future plans of the participants enrolled in the visual arts portfolio course. 

The discussions will take place in the perspective of accessing and access into the global artistic system, as it currently shows: applications for scholarships, scouting trips, work-shops, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, etc.; How should an printed/ digital application file look like, depending on the requirements of the bidders / curators / institutions organizing exhibitions, biennials, triennials, etc.; What kind of texts, references, descriptions must be included in such an application folder; How we should relate to our own works, when completed, how we describe them, how we present them to others, how we photograph them; The contemporary artist as the curator of his own work, or even as organizer-curator of group exhibitions; What an exhibition space means: context, concept, conceptual framework, geo-political framework;  What is or who is a curator, and how do we, as artists, managers, financiers, sponsors, art journalists, art critics, relate to a curator, etc.